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Theatres, promoters, churches, schools, concert halls...really any venue can benefit from our box office software solution. Our reserved seating system is remarkably easy to use, and will reduce the staff and resources necessary to sell tickets to your events. A 10 minute demo is usually all it takes to get up to speed on the administrative side of things, and we provide unlimited support if you ever have a question or issue.

The minimum requirements are simply your organization name, event information, ticket prices and a rough seating chart if you require assigned seating. We create a unique site for your organization which will contain only information about your events. We create a diagram of your venue with the various sections and specific seats, and input the event(s) and ticketing info into the system according to your requirements.

If you have an existing website or branding, we tailor your ticketing website to match your existing marketing materials – including logo, color scheme and site design – so that your patrons experience a seamless transition when going from your main site to your ticketing site. 

The preferred method is that you provide your own gateway account, such as, so you collect the funds directly. We then bill you at the end of each month for our fees. If you do not have a merchant gateway, we can collect payment on your behalf and settle with you on a weekly basis, however it is our preference not to hold funds that belong to our clients.

If you wish to use PayPal, there is an option which disperses the money collected automatically to you and us so no settlemt is required. Please contact us and we can determine the appropriate payment method for your particular needs.

Maestro Tickets requires no commitment and you are never under contract. We are so sure that you will love our box office solution that we will set up your organization's ticketing site, complete with venue and sample event, absolutely free of charge with no obligation.

Our fees are based on annual sales.

Up to 5000 tickets sold annually, our fees are either $1 or 2% of the face value of the ticket, whichever is greater.
Tickets sold from 5001 to 10,000 are charged either $0.75 or 1.5% of the face value of the ticket.
Ticket sales beyond 10,000 are charged $0.50 or 1% of the face value of the ticket.

Example, if you sell 15,000 tickets per year you will be charged $11,250 ($5,000 + $3,750 + $2,500).

One venue setup is complimentary, additional venue setup fees are billed at $100/hr with a minimum $50 per venue.

The Maestro Tickets box office web solution is not only a sales portal but also a box office management tool with many features including reporting, seat assignment, ticket assignment and customer relationship tool. The per ticket fee, unless otherwise determined, is applicable towards all tickets sold. 

We do usually waive fees for tickets that are given away, or comped. Please contact us to determine waived fee eligibility.

We use 2048 bit encryption over SSL to ensure that your transactions are secure. Furthermore, we do not store any our patrons' sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) on our server so you can be confident that the entire process is safe for both you and your customers.

We produce the diagram that will be used on your ticketing site, however the more complete and detailed information you provide the easier it will be to generate an accurate venue diagram. Most venues should have at least a rough seating chart, in some cases we have created diagrams based on hand-drawn sketches.

Just provide what you have and we'll take it from there!

Absolutely! We offer both assigned seating and general admission solutions. For general admission events you may still designate different ticket types, sections and pricing if you wish, however your patrons will not use the seat selector, rather they will just specify the quantity and ticket type desired.

Due to the proprietary nature of the software EZ Ticketing employs the SaaS model, which means that we host the solution and retain full ownership of the program. You do own all data pertaining to your organization, including patron information and order history. This information can be downloaded easily through our admin portal.

We provide ad hoc reporting based on a variety of filters that you can set. Information is displayed on-screen and may also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis and manipulation. It is likely that all your reporting needs will be covered, but in the event that you need information in a format that is not provided, please contact us and we will accommodate.

Absolutely! Depending on the frequency of use, some of our clients manage almost every aspect of their events themselves, including uploading descriptions, event images, setting pricing and adding dates. The process of setting up the initial venue is not suitable to laypeople, so this we must do. But this is a one-time occurrence.

On the other hand, some of our clients prefer to have us take care of it, which is fine as well.

We have developed a mobile app for both Android and Apple devices which works in conjunction with our web software and, when connected to a Bluetooth scanner (available at Amazon for about $200), becomes a mobile scanning station. Or for a fixed point of entry you can connect a standard USB scanner (cost less than $100) to a laptop or desktop computer and scan the barcodes on the tickets to check your patrons in.

The mobile app gives both visual and auditory feedback so you can process tickets quickly and efficiently. 

You are not required to purchase any special hardware as you can run your ticket office with a standard computer, printer and mobile device. However, in order to run your box office and event more smoothly, we have the following recommendations:

  1. Dymo Label Writer printer (for on-site ticket printing)
  2. Dymo Appointment Card (this is the ticket paper, comes in rolls of 300)
  3. USB Credit Card Reader (plugs into your PC)
  4. Handheld Android device with built-in barcode scanner. This is the best method to scan tickets at the point of entry.

We welcome any and all suggestions. In fact, we built this system based on the requirements and feedback from organizations, and are constantly in the state of making improvements and additions.